Why choosing an omnichannel PIM is essential for the cosmetics industry?


Faced with consumers’ growing need for transparency, the cosmetics sector is forced to change and accelerate the digitization of its back-office. Following in the footsteps of the food and wine industries, the cosmetics sector must now equip itself accordingly, and Equadis PIM (Product Information Management) is the solution to meet this challenge!


Challenges encountered by the cosmetics industry

With ingredient lists too long, a lack of precision and transparency in product information, not to mention the lack of common frames of reference between brands, the cosmetics sector has always maintained a certain mystery surrounding the composition of its products.

Although the dream is still the industry’s best selling point, it is no longer the only aspect favored by consumers, who now want to choose their products with complete transparency. With the emergence of new consumer habits centered around health, well-being and respect for the environment, consumers are increasingly vigilant and demanding about the products they put on their skin! A vigilance that is now leading to a form of mistrust that has become essential to overcome.


While the challenges are numerous, they remain within the reach of the cosmetics industry, which should focus its efforts on :

  • accelerating digitalization and harmonizing information systems between brands and distributors ;
  • providing better, more complete and more diverse product information;
  • creating common frames of reference: skin tones, allergens, skin types, etc.



Why is Equadis PIM the right solution for the cosmetics industry?


Why use a Product Information Management ?

In the cosmetics industry’s quest for transparency, the PIM is an essential tool to :

  • Structure and automate the collection of large volumes of product information;
  • Centralize all product data (marketing, logistics, ingredient lists, etc.), prices and visuals within a single platform;
  • Ensure the quality and conformity of all this data;
  • Distribute product data to each of your distributors, providing clear, transparent and personalized information for your end-consumer.
  • Accelerate the time-to-market of these products and offer transparency to end-consumers.



Equadis PIM for cosmetics: the right balance between technological expertise and human support


Choosing Equadis PIM means relying on :

  • a data model adapted to the specificities of the cosmetics sector. Each industry has its own specific processes, and Equadis PIM is precisely designed to integrate them to facilitate the transition;
  • excellent data security when using the platform, as well as during internal and external interactions;
  • personalization of information in the product sheet, to adapt the message to each distribution channel and stand out from the competition;
  • a high level of compliance when transmitting data, thanks to international certifications (GS1), attesting to Equadis’ expertise;
  • omnichannel data distribution. With more than 2,000 connectors, the Gaia by Equadis platform makes it possible to distribute data to all distribution channels, in numerous countries, as well as to internal and external software, with a single click;
  • human support at all times, thanks to a unique CSM (Customer Success Management) expert who will be at your side throughout our partnership. Expertise, advice and a listening ear are the key words to bring serenity and trust to Equadis PIM.


These brands and retailers trust us: L’Oréal, LVMH, Wella, Groupe l’Occitane, Beauty Success…

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