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What is the PIM?


PIM Solution: an essential tool for retail

How can we meet the growing need for transparency among consumers while facilitating brand/retailer relations? The PIM appears to be the most appropriate solution since it allows the collection and management of a large amount of product information to be structured and distributed to retailers.

Here are some explanations.


What is a PIM?

 The PIM or Product Information Management is a software solution whose main objectives for its users are to collect, exploit, enrich and distribute product-related information. This data concerns:

  • products (marketing information, quality, logic, etc.)
  • digital assets (visuals, documents…),
  • prices (permanent and promotional),
  • and all specific information related to the company’s organization.

The use of a PIM responds to the needs of both brands and retailers, who must exchange an exponential amount of data both internally and externally.

 The Equadis Plus

Among all PIM solutions, our Gaia by Equadis platform is truly dedicated to quality of service: from the continuous technological improvement of the platform to the human accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the project by an expert dedicated to each client. Our knowledge of our clients, the market in which they operate, and their ecosystems allows us to facilitate data exchanges and improve brand-retailer relations.

A PIM for whom?

PIM is the solution for all those who manage product and organizational data, such as:

  • Companies of all sizes (small, medium, large, multinational)
  • Brands or companies
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors in the broad sense (physical shops, e-commerce sites, market places, social networks etc.)

Which functions and fields of activity are concerned?

The PIM is aimed at all sales, marketing, quality, logistics and digital teams who need to exchange product data or technical characteristics. Thus, many sectors of activity are concerned, such as the food industry, cosmetics, retail, DIY, medical, textiles and many others.


What is the purpose of a PIM?

 1) To collect and centralize data

In the digital age, data is accumulating everywhere and continuously. This is a major challenge for many companies that are struggling to deploy a dedicated strategy. Connected to internal and external tools, the PIM enables all data to be collected and centralised on a single platform. With a clear view of their product information, companies optimize their time and gain in productivity and performance.

 The Equadis Plus

In addition to being able to manage a large volume of data in real time, Gaia by Equadis guarantees a high level of data security, both in the use of the platform and in internal and external interactions.


2) Enriching and completing data

Completing data is a long and time-consuming task, often a source of errors and requiring synergy between teams to provide quality work. One of the essential advantages of the PIM for its users is to gain in efficiency and productivity. This is possible thanks to advanced features such as automatic and massive data entry or the validation workflow, which orchestrates collaboration between the different teams.

 The Equadis Plus

In addition to all the features inherent to PIM, the Equadis solution allows you to customize certain information on the product sheet so that brands and manufacturers can differentiate themselves from the competition and adapt their marketing message to the various distribution channels. In addition, the management of operations such as calls for tender, promotional and permanent price calculation, and campaign management is integrated into our solution and simplified, allowing you to gain in efficiency and peace of mind!


3) Ensuring data compliance

To accelerate their time to market, brands must adapt to the requirements of distributors and provide them with complete and quality product information at the right time. This problem is partly solved by setting the parameters of product sheets according to the specific data models of each retailer, a guarantee of peace of mind and efficiency for companies.

The Equadis Plus

Equadis’ in-depth knowledge of retailers’ expectations and the certifications it has received from international organizations (GS1, ETIM, etc.) attest to its expertise in applying and respecting the quality standards expected by various industries. Equadis guarantees its clients a high level of compliance in data transmission. This peace of mind allows for rapid growth.


4) Distributing quality data omnichannel

Beyond the physical shop, consumers’ buying paths have diversified and their digital presence has increased, forcing brands and retailers to be responsive across all communication and sales channels.

The Equadis Plus

Equadis’ PIM is one of the most connected solutions on the market, with more than 2,000 connectors, allowing data to be distributed to all distribution channels such as physical shops, e-commerce sites, market places, social networks and consumer applications, in all countries, as well as to internal and external software. Equadis continues to develop new acquisition and distribution connectors each year to better meet the specific needs and demands of its clients.


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