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Our product data management and analytics solutions facilitate data exchanges between brands and retailers all over the world. With Equadis, increase your productivity and boost your growth!

Equadis, Empower your data
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Data at the core of your business challenges

Your data is scattered throughout several internal and external softwares and just thinking about compiling it gives you a headache?

Is acquiring the product sheets in your assortment a major issue? Do you want to accelerate your digital transformation, boost your performance and your productivity?

Do you have omnichannel multi-market and multi-country challenges? Do you sometimes receive and distribute incomplete or even inaccurate data? Are your teams having trouble synchronizing to complete product sheets?

Receive, control or distribute data throughout your ecosystem

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Increase your productivity and
boost your growth

  • Collecter la donnée Collect and centralize all your data

    Collect and centralize your extensive and scattered data on a single platform, regardless of its source, whether internal or external.

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    Collectez et centralisez toutes vos données produit avec Equadis
  • Illustration de l'enrichissement des datas Enhance and manage your operations

    Use the workflow to collaborate and assign data customization and enhancement tasks to your various internal teams.

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    Enrichissez et gérez vos opérations
  • Illustration d'un badge Manage and improve the quality of your data

    With Equadis, 100% of the product information exchanged is verified and complies with market rules as well as with recipients' expectations.

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    Gérez et améliorez la qualité de vos données
  • Illustration d'une onde qui diffuse toutes les informations Easily distribute your data to all your channels

    Distribute your complete and verified product data to all of your recipients and internal tools, anywhere in the world.

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Equadis vous accompagne au quotidien avec son équipe d'expert
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Equadis helps
  • improve your operational efficiency
  • facilitate decision-making
  • boost your growth

Enjoy the benefits of dedicated support

  • A dedicated expert Customer Success Manager is assigned to your account
  • Exchange by telephone, email and ticketing system
  • Get advice, training and answers
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  • L'expert CSM dédié conseille et forme les clients
  • Equadis facilite l'échange de données produits de partout dans le monde et vers tous les canaux internes comme externes
  • Equadis offre un conseil humain à ses clients
  • Equadis offre des formations continues sur sa solution PIM Equadis
  1. Integrate Equadis PIM

    Whether turnkey or customized, Equadis will offer you a solution to meet your expectations. Whatever your needs, the structure and size of your business, your level of digitalization and your ambitions, you can trust the expertise of the teams at Equadis to make your daily life easier and help you increase your productivity!

PIM Equadis, outil clé en main de gestion des données

Why choose Equadis solutions?

  • Une solution adaptée au pilotage de la data produit et à votre écosystème

    A solution tailored to product data monitoring and to your ecosystem

    + 1500 connectors available to collect, enhance, control and distribute product data

  • Certifications métier GDSN, ETIM

    Professional certifications GDSN, ETIM

    Certification from the international organizations GS1 and ETIM attest to the expertise of Equadis in applying and complying with the quality standards industries expect

  • Accompagnement humain dédié

    Dedicated human support

    Customer satisfaction rate:


    *Source: Annual survey conducted among the 14,000 brands and distributors who use the solution.

  • Sécurité et cybersécurité optimales

    Optimal security and cybersecurity

    Annual security audits and security-dedicated teams

  • Professionnaliser

    Professionalizing your teams in data management and increasing your performance

    -Improved data quality
    -Increased team productivity
    -Faster time-to-market

Customer reviews

What our customers say

  • Equadis, has an excellent knowledge of their topics and keeps up to date with the latest GS1 regulations. thus facilitating any integration with their platform. Their teams' proactivity, availability and expertise enabled us to complete the project before the deadline. We're very pleased with our collaboration with Equadis, and our partnership is just beginning!

    M. Sellami

    Supply Chain Project Manager
  • EQUADIS is a proactive company and regularly updates its data models to reflect changes in GS1 and retailer requirements, in new markets and to meet customer needs. The new version of the GAIA platform is user-friendly and easy to operate.

    JF. Schoenauer

    Master data
  • We use the platform Gaia by Equadis as a data centralizing and multi-country distribution tool. This helps us manage all of our brand's product information within the same tool and personalize our data to meet the various specifications of each of the 65 countries where we market our products. We greatly appreciate the help of the customer support person in charge of our account, their availability and expertise!

    O. Salamin

    CFO & Supply Chain Director
  • I would like to congratulate the Tech / Infosec teams for the quality of their work. Security, cybersecurity, vulnerability management and recently Log4j management is really impeccable-quick turnaround, questions answered over the weekend, proactive communication today for all your customers. We are a demanding company and very attentive to compliance with high-level security standards and I am not afraid to say that you are one of the best SaaS partners I have seen up to now in France & Benelux.

    N. Kerling

    Senior Director - France / Benelux Analytics, Consumer Insights & Information Technology
  • The system is very efficient and easy to use. Moreover, the technical team is responsive, and our Customer Success Manager, Justine, is always attentive and available in any situation.

    M. Phung

    Key Account Sales Assistant
  • I have been using Equadis for over 15 years, and I'm convinced that it is the best tool for reporting data (logistical, quality, pricing...) to my retailers.

    K. Kors-Quillent

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