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Equadis, my digital partner

Exchange product data optimally, qualitatively, efficiently, reliably and securely in France and abroad! This is possible through Equadis’softwares between manufacturers and retailers!
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Equadis, a data expert

Bringing me an excellent track record in retail data solutions spanning more than 20 years.

Equadis has provided me cutting edge technology such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. to take my business forward both in France and across Europe. Originally a simple electronic catalogue, thanks to its GDSN certification, I can now easily exchange, analyze, compare my products, regulatory data, photos, as well as permanent and promotional prices with the e-commerce sites and consumer apps thanks to its new digital services! More information on GDSN : https://www.gs1.org/services/gdsn The Equadis’team of professionals hail from a variety of retail and industrial backgrounds, with a wide range of digital experience as well as bringing specific GDSN expertise. This wonderful multidisciplinary team is there to facilitate my work and answer all of my questions.
The world is at my fingertips!

Where can they help me?

Equadis is enabling me to grow internationally and supporting me by sending my data around the world (already 16 countries are covered). Its locations in Europe and the Middle East allow it to be closer to me and my local context. Wherever I am located, Equadis can serve me from the headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France) or Bratislava (Slovakia) for the customer care, or Beirut (Lebanon) for its R&D center, the whole team is there to help me.
These digital tools are real driving-forces!

The vision

Thanks to its business knowledge; its market analysis and its agility; Equadis imagines and designs the tools that facilitate my actions, comparisons and decision-making. This allows me to increase my commercial & marketing performance, and to reinforce the image of my brands. These digital tools are real driving-forces!

I can now: – broadcast or acquire data – measure or compare data – process consumer data thanks to powerful analyses

Whether I am a manufacturer or a group purchasing organization, I can now easily manage all my product data, prices and media.

Equadis are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of bringing me new options to adapt to technological changes, to improve my distribution channels ; help me develop and to take customer purchases to the next level.

Their services at my disposal

Need to send or receive more and more data, whatever their format is (GDSN, Excel, etc.), always faster, always more controlled and reliable, always more international! Need to adapt my commercial strategy, my pricing policy, my marketing positioning permanently through reliable and up-to-date market elements! The constant evolution of Equadis services allows me to meet these criteria.

The integration from start to finish

Save time and optimise data integration. Immediate and reliable; Equadis ensures perfect integration adapted to all my information systems. My data is 100% reliable and instantly usable, thanks to its deployment in SAAS mode and the optimization of integration tools.

A dedicated contact person

Equadis adapt to my specific needs because each organisation is different. To do this, Equadis is staffed by digital experts, project management specialists and daily support professionals. In order to enable me to work as efficiently as possible; the dedicated and invested team provide real time updates in response to my questions and daily challenges. Equadis aims at my efficiency!

My data is secure using Swiss style security

Equadis keeps its data under lock and key with Swiss managed: Safe Host. The confidentiality of my information is guaranteed by a safe and secure solution.

Their values

INNOVATE, SHARE and COMMIT, these are their values!

Whether it concerns improving their internal processes or finding solutions to meet our customer-consumer needs, Equadis guarantees that its staff are 100% devoted, thinks differently and ensures that their personalized know-how is conveyed to every customer.


As a customer/ partner, I am a member of the team and have access to privileged relationships.

This is done by: working together and seek our advice; helping me reach for the stars (and we do too!).

This is how Equadis SHARES its vision, its desire for improvement and its knowledge! These values are ingrained in all their systems  and I can see it in every aspect of our work.  


I am encouraged to challenge the status quo and think outside the box; think innovatively; analyze the market;  imagine and predict trends.

Equadis can carry out its INNOVATIVE projects and help me develop my business thanks to the new techniques (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc.).


Constantly viewing things from my perspective, each member of Equadis is committed to providing quality work in a timely manner.

A small team with big projects:

We can succeed in our projects thanks to their daily COMMITMENT.

The Equadis community

Suppliers of all sizes, Specialized Department Stores, Foodservice, Medical, Industries, Cosmetics, Stationery, Games and Toys, Automotive, Intelligent accessories (IT, mobile, etc.), etc. :

Equadis works with everyone, from the local supplier to the multinational company, around the world.

Regardless of the number of my products or the size of my structure, the search for quality and reliability is their goal.

Join Equadis

I am looking for an interesting and challenging job, at the service of the customer!

I am looking for a company that is going through a period of strong growth thanks to the motivation, the competence, the reactivity and the implication of its employees!

In short, I want to join a company in full swing”, dynamic and that gives itself the means to succeed: I am applying for a job at Equadis!”