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Increase your performance by taking control of your data thanks to Equadis' expertise and solutions.
Solution d'Equadis

Connected to your internal and external tools, the Gaia by Equadis platform helps you collect , centralize, leverage, enrich and distribute all your data to all your recipients all over the world, easily and safely.


A few figures about Equadis

  • + 20

    Countries of operation

  • + 2000


  • + 14,000

    Brands and retailers

  • + 10,000

    Active users

  • + 10M

    Product sheets exchanged annually

Certifications obtained, a guarantee of quality and expertise

  • GS1

    GS1 is an international organization created by companies to facilitate and automate exchanges between partners through a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). Data exchanges using the GS1 standard are carried out on a common network, GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). Certifications obtained from international organizations attest to the expertise of Equadis in applying and complying with the quality standards industries expect

    Equadis data models apply and comply with the standards of various norms and prerequisites for data distribution on the GDSN.

  • ETIM

    ETIM is the key standard for the classification and exchange of technical data between brands and retailers in the construction, manufacturing and building materials industry. A partner since January 2022

    Certifications obtained from international organizations attest to the expertise of Equadis in applying and complying with the quality standards industries expect

Our teams are available, responsive and committed

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) dedicated to your account assists you throughout the partnership, by telephone, email, ticketing system, to advise you, provide training and answer all your needs, including regarding your customers’ or partners’ issues.

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The dedicated support process

  • Diagnosis of your needs by the Sales Account Manager. A CSM expert is assigned to your account.
  • Customized configuration of your data flows by a project lead and your dedicated CSM.
  • Training on the use of the platform, in line with the specificities of your company and ecosystem.
  • Support provided by your CSM (telephone, email, ticketing system): advice, answers to your questions, continuous training on the evolutions of the platform and of the market.
  • New project development and evolution of your initial requirement? Your Sales Account Manager is at your service.

Advanced technology to meet your needs

  • Interoperability


    Unlimited interoperability to support your growth


    • Centralized management for all your data: product, prices, visuals, videos, PDF, etc.
    • Acquisition and distribution connectors to every market software solution (ERP, CRM, DAM, etc.)
    • Distribution connectors on all channels (retail/e-retail, marketplace, app, social networks, etc.) to all countries
    • Simplified acquisition of all your product assortment with your suppliers
  • Scalability


    A powerful architecture with fortified security


    • SAAS service-oriented architecture
    • Management of large amounts of data, in real time
    • Infrastructure designed to support customers with their growth
  • Flexibility


    A personalised and evolving customer experience


    • A solution that adapts to our customers’ needs
    • Continuous improvement: development of new features to make your daily work easier
    • Easier management of operations (sales price calculation, assortment, etc.)
    • Advanced features available as needed
  • Simplicity


    A quick, smooth and productive start


    • Optimized user experience
    • Error detection and real-time correction suggestions
    • User-friendly platform
    • Users are empowered to manage their data on their own
    • Task distribution through the workflow

Security at the core of our technology

We pay specific attention to the security of our solution. We do everything it takes to protect your data and guarantee optimal security.

  • A highly available infrastructure in the European Union. Saved and stored in 4 locations
  • Complete data encryption throughout the cycle (transit, processing, storage, backup, archiving)
  • An infrastructure designed and built with security in mind, equipped to be monitored according to industry standards
  • Frequent automated and manual security audits carried out by known firms
  • A corporate culture that integrates security; each employee is educated to security standards. CSMs are trained and educated to security, as well as developers throughout the development cycle
Customer review

What our customers say

  • EQUADIS is a proactive company and regularly updates its data models to reflect changes in GS1 and retailer requirements, in new markets and to meet customer needs. The new version of the GAIA platform is user-friendly and easy to operate.

    JF. Schoenauer

    Master data
  • Villars Master Chocolatier (based in Fribourg, Switzerland and part of the Savencia Saveurs & Spécialités group) manufactures and distributes premium chocolate. We use the platform Gaia by Equadis as a data centralizing and multi-country distribution tool. This helps us manage all of our brand's product information within the same tool and personalize our data to meet the various specifications of each of the 65 countries where we market our products. We greatly appreciate the help of the customer support person in charge of our account, their availability and expertise!

    O. Salamin

    CFO & Supply Chain Director
  • I would like to congratulate the Tech / Infosec teams for the quality of their work. Security, cybersecurity, vulnerability management and recently Log4j management is really impeccable-quick turnaround, questions answered over the weekend, proactive communication today for all your customers. We are a demanding company and very attentive to compliance with high-level security standards and I am not afraid to say that you are one of the best SaaS partners I have seen up to now in France & Benelux.

    N. Kerling

    Senior Director - France / Benelux Analytics, Consumer Insights & Information Technology

Why choose Equadis solutions?

  • Equadis

    A solution tailored to product data monitoring and to your ecosystem

    + 2000 connectors available to collect, enrich, control and distribute product data

  • Equadis

    Dedicated human support

    Customer satisfaction rate:


  • Equadis

    Professional certifications GDSN, ETIM

    Certification from the international organizations GS1 and ETIM attest to the expertise of Equadis in applying and complying with the quality standards industries expect

  • Equadis

    Optimal security and cybersecurity

    Annual security audits and safety-dedicated teams

  • Equadis

    Professionalization of your teams in data management

    Improved data quality
    Increased team productivity
    Faster time-to-market
    Better overall performance

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