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GS1 France and Equadis join forces to improve the quality of product data in France


In a world of growing digitalization, data quality has become crucial to ensure the transparency and reliability of exchanges between suppliers and distributors. This is why Equadis has developed the “Data Quality Checker” for GS1 France, an innovative tool for qualifying French market operators, also known as data pools. By reinforcing the quality and reliability of the data exchanged, this collaboration aims to optimize the fluidity of exchanges between suppliers and distributors. But it also responds to consumers’ growing expectations in terms of transparency and quality of product information. Equadis explains everything you need to know about this tool.


Ensuring data quality in a fast-changing market

The world of data is constantly evolving. Data is present in every aspect of our daily lives, and the volume is growing exponentially. Every year, for example, the volume of data required to market a product increases by 15%. More than 502 million unit product data sheets are exchanged between brands and distributors via the GDSN network, managed by GS1 France. To meet these challenges, GS1 France is seeking to strengthen their digital presence and ensure the fluidity of data exchanges across the entire value chain: from suppliers, to distributors, to end consumers.

To maintain the quality and reliability of data exchanges, GS1 France set up a qualification system for operators on the French market. This qualification was obtained manually.

However, the increase in data volumes and a number of deviations observed among certain operators led to a significant drop in the quality of the data exchanged. It became crucial, therefore, to implement a high-performance, automated tool to guarantee the quality of the data exchanged, on a regular basis.


The “Data Quality Checker”: an effective response to a growing need

To ensure the smooth operation of the GDSN network and guarantee optimum transparency for consumers, GS1 France has invested in the development of a tool designed to guarantee the exemplarity of each operator. After a meticulous call for tenders process and a thorough analysis of the solutions available, GS1 France chose Equadis, a trusted partner with a solid reputation and recognized expertise on the market.

With over 25 years’ experience in product data management, Equadis is known as the only omnichannel PIM on the market. To meet the needs of GS1 France, Equadis has designed the “Data Quality Checker”, a powerful and highly secure tool. This revolutionary solution aims to guarantee the quality of three essential aspects in digital optimization processes: products, visuals and prices, in various sectors such as food, beverages, drugstores, perfumery and hygiene.

Equipped with a system of automatic and dynamic real-time checks, the “Data Quality Checker” carries out rigorous tests to verify that the product and price sheets of all operators on the French market comply with the standards and validation rules established by GS1 France. Thanks to this innovative tool, GS1 France is able to qualify the solutions available on the market, and guarantee that players comply with the standards and validation rules in force.

The launch of this tool means that certain rules have changed, particularly with regard to recurrent qualification. Many operator of various nationalities will undergo regular tests with GS1 France, whether to obtain a new qualification or to maintain the one already acquired. By 2024, a limited number of solution providers will be seeking GS1 France qualification.

“This partnership with Equadis is key for GS1 France, as it will allow us to ensure that GS1 standards are properly implemented between players, for better data quality,” says Cédric Lecolley, GS1 France sales and channels director.



A strategic partnership to improve transparency for consumers

In recent years, consumers have increasingly demanded greater transparency when purchasing products. Endless ingredient lists, unclear product information and ambiguities surrounding the marketing of various items are fuelling a general feeling of mistrust.

Beyond improving the quality of product information, this partnership aims to bring greater transparency to end consumers, thereby boosting their confidence in the act of purchasing.

In addition, the introduction of tools such as the Data Quality Checker promises to optimize collaboration between manufacturers and retailers. Furthermore, it offers an invaluable opportunity to fully exploit commercial levers by optimizing behind-the-scenes processes, reducing time-to-market and facilitating distribution through various sales channels.

Ghislain Esquerre, CEO of Equadis, expresses his pride in supporting GS1 France in this initiative: “The Data Quality Checker will help to guarantee more fluid exchanges between suppliers and distributors, and a higher level of transparency for end consumers. With 25 years’ experience in the digitization of product information, this is a genuine recognition of the professionalism and expertise of the Equadis teams.”



In conclusion, this partnership between GS1 France and Equadis marks an important step in improving the quality of product data in France, contributing to a better shopping experience for consumers and greater efficiency for supply chain players.



About Equadis:

Equadis is an expert in product data management and analysis. Its solution, the unique omnichannel PIM in the market, enables the collection, management, enrichment, and distribution of product data, prices, and visuals across the entire ecosystem in an intuitive, fast, and secure manner. This approach ensures clients with comprehensive and verified information dissemination, strengthened by dedicated human support.

With a presence in over 20 countries, Equadis solutions are designed to optimize operational efficiency and reduce time-to-market, thus stimulating the growth of its clients. Currently, Equadis collaborates with over 14,000 brands and distributors across all sectors, notably in the food, cosmetics, medical, and many more.

Led by Ghislain Esquerre since 2016, Equadis has just under 100 employees, with 50% dedicated to R&D, and is established in 6 countries. After entering the Southern European market in 2021, Equadis continues its exponential growth.


About GS1 France:

GS1 is the international organization, neutral and non-profit, created by companies to facilitate and automate exchanges between trading partners, relying on a globally recognized and utilized identification system. With over 58,000 member companies in France of all sizes and sectors, and over 2 million worldwide, GS1 provides a real space for collaboration and inclusion to define and adopt common rules – standards – that benefit everyone. With GS1 standards, companies uniquely identify their products, logistical units, locations, entities, and assets throughout their lifecycle, regardless of the sales channel. There is a clear advantage in speaking the same language.


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