Collect and centralize your data

How to successfully acquire data?

La collecte de données produits au coeur de la solution PIM Equadis

Data collection must be adapted to your organization

and it is a true challenge

for both brands and distributors.

An intuitive and automated platform for optimal data management
  1. Distributors

    • How to guarantee the acquisition of your full assortment with complete and quality data?
    • How to ensure to onboard your suppliers on a global digitalization project?
    • How to master and structure such a large volume of data?
  2. Brands

    • How to centralize all your organization’s data and meet your needs and market expectations (customers and end consumers)?
    • How to boost your efficiency using a single platform that collects data scattered throughout various information systems managed by different teams?
Equadis accompagne humainement ses clients
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Our expertise serving your performance

  • Technologie au coeur du métier Equadis


    Developed by our R&D teams, Equadis solutions are designed to meet your operational needs and collect any type of type of data manually or automatically, regardless of its source and internal (ERP, PLM, DAM, etc.) or external origin.
    Your data is centralized on a single, secure and user-friendly platform.
    Then, manage your operations, enhance, leverage and distribute your data very easily with Equadis solutions.

    Using advanced technology, Equadis solutions adapt to your needs and process all your data from your organization to the end consumer.

  • L'humain au coeur de la solution Equadis avec accompagnement dédié

    Human support

    Our project and customer success teams assist you throughout the life of the project and adapt to your business’s size, maturity and needs.
    Our experts are always available, every day, with advice, tutorials and training session to guide you and help become autonomous in the mastery and management of your data for the successful acquisition of your product catalog or of your entire product assortment.

    Our experts are at your side.

Numerous advantages

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    Centralize your data in a single solution

  • Icone main pour illustrer la prise en main facile

    Get started easily and quickly

  • Icone certification pour illustrer la qualité des données avec Equadis

    Improve the quality of your data

  • Icone cadenas pour illustrer la sécurité des datas avec Equadis

    Enjoy optimal security and cybersecurity

  • Icone fusée pour illustrer l'amélioration des performances avec Equadis

    Boost your time-to-market

  • icone horloge pour illustrer Optimiser votre temps

    Optimize your time and increase your productivity

Customer reviews

What our customers say

  • Equadis, has an excellent knowledge of their topics and keeps up to date with the latest GS1 regulations. thus facilitating any integration with their platform. Their teams' proactivity, availability and expertise enabled us to complete the project before the deadline. We're very pleased with our collaboration with Equadis, and our partnership is just beginning!

    M. Sellami

    Supply Chain Project Manager
  • EQUADIS is a proactive company and regularly updates its data models to reflect changes in GS1 and retailer requirements, in new markets and to meet customer needs. The new version of the GAIA platform is user-friendly and easy to operate.

    JF. Schoenauer

    Master data
  • We use the platform Gaia by Equadis as a data centralizing and multi-country distribution tool. This helps us manage all of our brand's product information within the same tool and personalize our data to meet the various specifications of each of the 65 countries where we market our products. We greatly appreciate the help of the customer support person in charge of our account, their availability and expertise!

    O. Salamin

    CFO & Supply Chain Director
  • I would like to congratulate the Tech / Infosec teams for the quality of their work. Security, cybersecurity, vulnerability management and recently Log4j management is really impeccable-quick turnaround, questions answered over the weekend, proactive communication today for all your customers. We are a demanding company and very attentive to compliance with high-level security standards and I am not afraid to say that you are one of the best SaaS partners I have seen up to now in France & Benelux.

    N. Kerling

    Senior Director - France / Benelux Analytics, Consumer Insights & Information Technology
  • The system is very efficient and easy to use. Moreover, the technical team is responsive, and our Customer Success Manager, Justine, is always attentive and available in any situation.

    M. Phung

    Key Account Sales Assistant
  • I have been using Equadis for over 15 years, and I'm convinced that it is the best tool for reporting data (logistical, quality, pricing...) to my retailers.

    K. Kors-Quillent

Discover our customer testimonials
Customer testimonials

La Martiniquaise - Bardinet


La Molisana


How does Equadis support La Martiniquaise-Bardinet in managing its product data and distributing it omnichannel?

Find out how Panzani uses Equadis to collect, control, distribute and manage its large volume of data?

How did Equadis help La Molisana distribute its products in French distribution?

How does Equadis support Transgourmet in collecting and managing their entire product assortment?

Pierre Billiar responsable du sercice Data Management chez Panzani
Jean-Luc Julien Country Manager chez La Molisana
Our solutions

2 evolutive solutions to meet your needs

Product catalog

The “product catalog” offer is a “plug-and-play” solution to help you implement your product data management and analytics solution simply, quickly and securely. You will enjoy all the benefits of our expertise and dedicated human support.


If you have specific needs for your organization, PIM is made for you. This solution is equipped with specific, customizable and scalable features to best meet your requirements.

    • Product catalog
    • PIM
  • Collect, manage, enrich and distribute product data
  • Dedicated human support
  • Acquisition-enabling connectors
    • Standard
    • Customized
  • Onboarder, simplified product acquisition
    • Standard
    • Customized
  • Distribution-enabling connectors
    • Standard
    • Customized
  • Statistic tools & Dashboard
    • Standard
    • Customized
  • Number of product sheets and visuals
    • Limited
    • Extended
  • Data model
    • Standard
    • Customized
  • Workflow
  • Integrated messaging
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