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Equadis, leader de la gestion de la data produit dans le secteur agroalimentaire

The food and beverage industry is a growing market that plays a major role in the global economy. As an expert in this sector, Equadis’ PIM is the solution for thousands of brands and distributors in this industry.

Des chiffres impressionnants
  • 3,14%

    Market Growth (Forecasted Annual Growth Rate 2021 - 2025)

  • 8000Mds $

    Global market turnover in 2021

  • 9,7 Mds

    Number of people to feed in 2050

Equadis, expert in the food and beverage sector

  • Equadis has in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry and its ecosystem.
  • As a mature market in terms of data dematerialization, Equadis supports its clients and their subsidiaries for efficient, secure and worry-free data exchange.
  • Thousands of brands and distributors have trusted Equadis for many years.
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These manufacturers and retailers have chosen Equadis.

  • Logo de Panzani, client Equadis
  • Logo de Danone, client Equadis
  • Logo Nestlé, client Equadis
  • Logo de Transgourmet, client Equadis
  • Logo de Pepsico, client Equadis
  • Logo de Ebro, client Equadis
  • Logo de Pepsico, client Equadis
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Specificities of the food and beverage industry

  • As an expert in the food and beverage industry, Equadis is certified by the GS1 standard and allows brands and retailers to:
    • collect, leverage and distribute their product information, prices and digital assets anywhere in the world
    • Data transmitted is 100% verified and compliant with market standards and meets the specific expectations of recipients
    • omnichannel data distribution (retail, e-retail, applications, social networks, etc.)
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