Who we are?

We are the complementarity of technological and human expertise

Founded in 1998, the brand name Equadis is a contraction of “Equal-Distance” in that we position ourselves at an equal distance between brands and distributors. In this central position, Equadis can reach out to every player in the retail ecosystem to facilitate the exchange of their product data.
Building on his career at a large international retailer's, Ghislain Esquerre took over the management of Equadis in late 2016 and quickly expanded the company's scope. Today, his ambition for Equadis is for the company be known as the international and multi-market expert in product data management and analytics solutions.

Our beliefs

Technological expertise and human support.
The 2 core items of Equadis' strategy

Because data management is a complex task.
Because it represents the wealth of businesses and controlling it is essential.
We believe in digital solutions that bring simplicity to organizations.
We believe that daily human support by expert teams makes data management easier, improves quality, frees up time for you and boosts your growth. This is Equadis' commitment and raison d'être!
Expertise, human support, efficiency, safety... Equadis solutions make your day-to-day life easier and help you gain in productivity.

As a driver of growth for businesses, data is omnipresent no matter the industry

Because data is everywhere, and its quantity is exponential.
Because now sales have become omnichannel and the quality of product information is increasingly influential in the purchasing decisions of end consumers, regardless of the business sector: from construction to perfume, or e-commerce to physical stores.
Equadis supports you in your product data exchanges regardless of your industry (food, cosmetics, construction, DIY, medical, manufacturing, etc.) to any sales channels (physical stores, e-commerce, marketplace, applications, etc.) Certifications from international organizations (GS1, ETIM, etc.) attest to the Equadis' expertise in applying and complying with the quality standards industries expect.

Strong commitment and the development of a relationship of mutual trust

Because our customers' and our partners' success is our priority.
Because a 98% satisfaction rate doesn't happen by resting on your laurels.
Professionalism, proximity, availability, transparency and commitment are the building blocks of the DNA of Equadis teams. You think these are only words? Try us!

Safety at the core of our expectations

Because we manage your data, and your confidential and sensitive information.
Because quality service must absolutely ensure optimal security.
Security is part of Equadis' corporate culture. All our employees are educated to safety standards.
Ghislain Esquerre CEO Equadis
Ghislain Esquerre Chief Executive Officer
Les missions d'Equadis :
  • Our vision

    Equadis is an international and multi-market expert in product data management and analytics solutions for retail players, enhanced by human support.

  • Our mission

    Provide agile and scalable solutions for product data management and analytics to support our global ecosystem in the control, operation and data sharing.

  • Our promise

    Enhanced by dedicated human support, Equadis solutions help improve operational efficiency, facilitate decision-making, and accelerate the growth of its customers.

Equadis has:
  • 25

    Years of experience in product data management

  • 70


  • 20

    Countries where we operate

  • 14,000

    Brands and distributors in the Equadis community

  • 1,500

    Retail connectors

Carte du monde des filiales d'Equadis en France, en Suisse, au Portugal, au Liban et en Sl

Our subsidiaries

  • France Equadis S.A.S 39, rue Smith FR 69002 Lyon
  • Italy Equadis S.R.L Via Alberico Albricci, 7 IT-20122 Milano (MI)
  • Lebanon Digitech Offshore S.A.L Central Business Center, Dimitri El Hayek Street, Horch Tabet, LB-BEIRUT
  • Portugal Equalycs LDA Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar 25, 1050-010 Lisboa
  • Slovakia Equadis S.R.O Gajova, 4 SK-811 09 Brastislava
  • Switzerland Equadis S.A. Siège social Rue du tunnel, 6 CH-1227 Carouge

Our core values

Nos valeurs fondamentales
Equadis facilite l'échange de données produits de partout dans le monde et vers tous les canaux internes comme externes
  • Expertise

    Our employees are experts with in-depth knowledge of the market, industries, partners, connectors, customers as well as of our customers' customers, of data management and the technicality this entails.

  • Trust

    Equadis develops a relationship of trust with each and everyone of its customers, connectors and partners. We strive to offer the best service, the most appropriate tools, the best human support to develop, nurture and strengthen our customers' trust. We place our trust in our employees to help them thrive and make our company grow.

  • Commitment

    Equadis is committed to working collectively towards successful project achievements, to meeting agreed deadlines, to humanly supporting our customers, partners and employees to answer their needs and help them become self-reliant. At Equadis, commitment is a source of performance and quality in the work we do for our customers, with the ultimate goal of delivering the right information to end consumers.

  • Flexibility

    We work within a flexible framework where collective intelligence is a key value. Equadis' flexibility is visible through its scalable and modular tools, varied human skills, ability to tailor projects to best adapt to and meet our customers' and partners' needs.

Our career videos

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  • Alexandre Morin-Bargeton
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