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Dedicated human support: our vision and commitments


Dedicated human support: our vision and commitments

Integrating a new solution into your organization is never easy. That’s why at Equadis, we are committed to supporting you throughout your partnership and building a relationship of trust. Answers to your questions, advice, training, a single point of contact, we believe that the human dimension is the key to the success of any partnership. This is what makes us so strong and what keeps our clients coming back!

Support to better understand the complexity of the data world

The world of data: its regulations, its practices, its constraints. It is often difficult for companies to understand the rapidly changing codes that govern this environment. At Equadis, our solutions are adapted to your company’s organization and our CSM (Customer Success Management) team is there to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in your approach to the Gaia by Equadis platform.

We do this by supporting you from the first contact until the end of the collaboration. We want to develop a relationship where proximity and listening are at the heart of our consulting role and thus go beyond the cliché of simple technical support.

A five-phase accompaniment process

To support our vision of human support, we rely on best practices to be deployed from the very first exchanges. The goal is to enable you to be autonomous on the Gaia by Equadis platform to efficiently manage all your product data through a personalized and comprehensive onboarding phase.

  • Getting to know you

The first crucial step in the collaboration is to determine your challenges, diagnose your needs, and integrate your constraints in order to offer you personalized support to facilitate your use of the Gaia by Equadis platform.

  • A single CSM expert, dedicated to your account

Because in-depth knowledge of your business sector and your clients is essential for quality and personalised advice, we assign you a CSM expert in your sector at the beginning of our relationship who will follow you throughout the entire collaboration. Available, accessible, multilingual and responsive, our CSMs can be reached by telephone, mailing, ticketing system, to advise you and respond to all your needs, even when you are facing an emergency.

  • Customised configuration of your data flows

Depending on your profile, the structure of your internal data, the products you sell and your specific needs, our project manager and your CSM expert will define the best settings for you on the Gaia by Equadis platform. The data models integrate your data, your specificities and those expected by your recipients. This is a welcome time-saver in a sector where the ability to extract the right data at the right time is central to accelerating time to market.

  • Support and training on the platform

In order to make you even more autonomous in the use of the platform and according to the needs you communicate to us, we plan training sessions that take into account the specificities of your company and your ecosystem.

  • Proactive CSM experts who are aware of the challenges in your sector

Every week, all our CSMs meet to anticipate, learn about, and share the latest news in each sector and updates to the platform in order to comply with retailers’ requirements and current regulatory standards [NB: Equadis is certified by the international organizations GS1 (data distribution in GDSN) and ETIM]. This mutual enrichment is essential to cover the various issues that may concern you.

“At Equadis, our added value is our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ entire ecosystem in order to solve problems between our clients and our clients’ clients. It is this business and sector expertise that gives our clients confidence and peace of mind,” says Etienne, CSM.

The Equadis method in a few figures:

  • 98% is the average customer satisfaction rate over the last five years (2017-2022)
  • 99.3% are satisfied with the quality of the discussions with their CSM and his availability
  • 97.4% are satisfied with the time taken to resolve requests
  • 93% of users surveyed would recommend Equadis to their friends and colleagues (4 or 5 star rating)

* Source: Satisfaction survey conducted among 277 users over the period May 2021 to April 2022.

A unique method on the market

As you can see, our work goes far beyond the technical issues related to the Gaia by Equadis platform. Our support is designed and adapted to your needs, your sector and your ecosystem. Our expertise to guide you step by step in the implementation of our platform and the related structural changes.

A unique approach that also gives you a voice. Annual satisfaction survey, questionnaire dedicated to your appreciation of the platform, your feedback is listened to and regularly included in our roadmap and allows us to continuously improve it. True to our principles, the Gaia by Equadis platform is made for our clients and with our clients!

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