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Equadis and Google Cloud : the best choice for growth!


Equadis & Google Cloud : the choice for growth!


To ensure a smooth operation of your business, it is essential to have a secure, robust and scalable infrastructure. To support our ambition and continuously improve the quality of our infrastructure and systems, we have chosen Google Cloud as our hosting provider.


Change to grow faster

For Equadis, change means evolving, not following a trend. Since the beginning, we have been committed to evolving our platform to meet your needs, those of the market, and technological innovation. The successful evolution of Equadis is thanks to you, your feedback and your contribution!

More and more of you are trusting us, and in order to welcome you all and support you in the best possible way, we needed to expand. Getting more storage space, being faster, more autonomous were part of our prerequisites to accompany our ambition. Available in more than 200* countries and located in more than 35 regions, Google Cloud is in phase with our development. Choosing Google Cloud as our hosting provider was therefore an obvious choice for the rest of our international adventure!


Google Cloud: one infrastructure, many benefits


– Optimal performance

Google Cloud offers a reliable, robust and scalable service architecture that can adapt to our changing needs in real time. In the event of an incident, we opt for the redundancy of our servers to guarantee the continuity of service essential to your projects.

The plus: a performance gain that allows Equadis to respond quickly to changing user and application demands, provide you with superior services, and guarantee a high-quality user experience.


– Enhanced security

On the cybersecurity side, Google Cloud provides state-of-the-art security with the latest technological data protection, real-time monitoring, and rapid recovery in the case of a problem.

The plus: Equadis’ infrastructure and systems are protected against denial of service or cybersecurity attacks. Every connector, every data (including downtime data) is encrypted and highly secure.


– Unlimited support

Thanks to the extent of the services available on Google Cloud and the power of the network deployed in many regions, we can support you in all your large-scale projects in France and abroad.


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* source : Google Cloud figures

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