Database Administrator M/F


Your missions as a Database Administrator


Within the infrastructure team, you will closely collaborate with other members of the R&D team, aligning database strategies with overall infrastructure goals.


Your main responsibilities:

  • Management of Microsoft SQL and NoSQL Databases: Ensure daily management and maintenance of databases to ensure optimal performance and security.
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization: Review the current state of databases and executed queries to identify bottlenecks and develop action plans to optimize response times and resource utilization.
  • Backup and Archiving Management: Establish and manage automated backup and archiving plans to ensure data security and recovery in case of need.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP): Ensure high availability of databases and integrate them into the company’s disaster recovery plan.
  • Management of Cloud-hosted databases: Specifically on Google Cloud, requiring in-depth knowledge of data management services and tools in this environment.
  • Server Health Monitoring and Maintenance: Set up alerts for updates, backups, transaction log backups, CPU usage, disk I/O usage.


Our tools:

  • Cloud infrastructure: GCP
  • Backend Language: Java / Spring, Maven / Gradle / Junit / Mockito
  • Frontend Language: Angular, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Git, Github
  • Ops: Terraform
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Operating System: Linux


Your expertise:

  • Management of Large Data Volumes and High Traffic.
  • Identification and Reduction of Deadlocks.
  • Query profiling, identifying bottlenecks, and contributing to database cluster evolution (multi-tenant, sharding, etc.), as well as automated maintenance strategies, backup, and archiving.
  • Basic knowledge in Microsoft Active Directory, Networking, Scripting, Linux, Cloud.
  • Understanding and application of data security standards, including OWASP guidelines and GDPR regulations.


Your profile:

You have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in database management, Big Data, Microsoft SQL.

You are comfortable communicating both in French and English.

You possess an innovative and adaptable mindset. Your communication skills are strong, enabling effective collaboration with R&D teams.


What we offer?

You will work full time, Monday through Friday and have one day remotely per week.

A corporate bonus is paid at the end of each year, after 6 months of seniority in the company.

Also, you will benefit from a first class of health insurance with Allianz (In, out, doctor visit and prescribed medication) and the company contributes to your transport allowance.

The position is based in Beirut. This is a permanent contract.


Equadis, who are we?

International and multi-market expert in data management solutions for manufacturers and retailers, both for physical products and for e-commerce.

Equadis is a dynamic, customer-focused company with over 70 employees, half of whom are dedicated to research and development. Already established in more than six countries (Switzerland, Lebanon, Slovakia, France, Italy and Portugal), Equadis continues to grow exponentially and plans to expand to several European countries and North America.


Our mission:

Enable our customers, more than 14,000 brands and retailers, to collect, centralise, exploit, enrich and distribute all their product data to their external and internal recipients, anywhere in the world, simply, quickly and securely. As the owner of our technology, our SaaS solutions are recognised and certified worldwide.

Thanks to Equadis’ Product Information Management (PIM) solution, our customers gain in productivity and peace of mind.

Our clients: Local and international companies in the food, cosmetics, medical, toy, high-tech, automotive and luxury markets. Examples of brands and distributors who trust us: Unilever, Danone, P&G, Sephora, Ferrero, Chanel, LVMH, Nestlé, Pepsico etc…


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