Their values

INNOVATE, SHARE and COMMIT, these are their values!

Whether it concerns improving their internal processes or finding solutions to meet our customer-consumer needs, Equadis guarantees that its staff is 100% devoted, thinks differently and ensures that their personalized know-how is conveyed to every customer.


Because they are a team and create privileged relationships with us – customers / partners-;

because they all work together and seek our advice;

because together they want to reach the moon (and we do too!):

Equadis SHARES its vision, its desire and its knowledge! It’s their foundation and I can see it in my everyday life.


To challenge oneself, to challenge the existing, to think outside the box, to analyze the market and to imagine trends:

thanks to the new techniques (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc.), Equadis can carry out its projects of INNOVATION and help me develop my business.


By constantly taking a stance from the customer’s or its partners’ perspective, each member of Equadis is committed to quality work in a timely manner.

A small team and big projects:

it is thanks to their daily COMMITMENT that we can succeed in our projects.