Equadis, my digital partner

Exchange product data optimally, qualitatively, efficiently, reliably and securely in France and abroad!

This is possible through Equadis’softwares between manufacturers and retailers!


More than 20 years of experience at my service!

Since 1998, Equadis has been accompanying me in France and across Europe and adapting to my business needs as well as new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.).

Originally a simple electronic catalog, thanks to its GDSN certification, I can now easily exchange, analyze, compare my products, regulatory data, photos, as well as permanent and promotional prices with the e-commerce sites and consumer apps thanks to its new digital services!

Equadis’ team of professionals, from Retail and industry, with digital and GDSN expertise, is there to facilitate my daily life and answer all of my questions.

Where can they help me?

The world is at my fingertips!

Equadis is growing internationally in order to allow me to spread my data around the world (already 16 countries are covered).

Its locations in Europe and the Middle East allow it to be closer to me and my local specificities.

Whether from its headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France) or Bratislava (Slovakia) for the support staff, or Beirut (Lebanon) for its R&D center, the whole team is there to help me.

Their vision

Thanks to its business knowledge, its market analysis and its agility, Equadis imagines and designs the tools that facilitate my actions, comparisons and decision-making in order to increase my commercial & marketing performances, and to reinforce the image of my brands.

These digital tools are real driving tools!

Whether I am an industrial or a group purchasing organization, on my products data, prices, media I can:
broadcast or acquire data
measure or compare
consume thanks to powerful analyzes

Many services are still under development in order to adapt to technological changes, to distribution means development and to changes in end customers consumption!